When you want something more than just another font, my lettering will give you the unique look that is only possible through marks made by hand on paper. The images below give you an idea of the huge variety of lettering styles that are possible.

Projects I’ve worked on include lettering for reproduction on calendars, catalogs, album covers, cards, packaging and identity projects. We can begin with a face-to-face meeting if you're local, or an emailed design rough if you're further afield. Please contact me to discuss your project!

My goal is always to find the appropriate visual expression for the text and your audience. I begin my work for reproduction all by hand, which I then scan and retouch in Photoshop, so you end up with a very clean digital image to work with.

JPEGs or TIFFs are sent to you along the way for approval or redirection. Finals can be emailed or Dropboxed.

Please contact me for further details.